Gator Home Inspections has done over 7,500 Inspections in Florida. We value our customer's opinions, and believe that we are a company who's "for the buyer." Here's what our customers are saying about their own personal experience.

I have used Gator Home Inspections for several of my Real Estate deals and they always do a great job! I would highly recommend him to other realtors, or home buyers looking for a very detailed report.
— Charles S.
We have used Gator Home Inspections, Inc. twice, and are very happy with the prompt and professional service they provide. They have been generous with answering additional questions, and making recommendations for resolving issues identified in the home inspections.
— Randy W.
Harry really went out of his way to do a great job for us all the way through closing on our house. After our offer on the house was accepted and the original home inspection was carried out, a tree fell on the house and we were told that everything was fine with the roof. Harry offered to go out and inspect the roof free of charge and we were glad he did because the roof definitely needed repairs. After the repairs were done he inspected the roof again and found out the repairs were not done properly by the roofer. Then, after the roofer did another round of repairs Harry cam out once more to take a look and all was good. We were so thankful to have him during this process. He knows his business and does excellent work!
— Keith W.
This was my first time buying a house. I’m not super rich. So, we needed a reliable, trustworthy and flexible inspection company. Gator home inspections was that and more. They inspected multiple houses for us and told us the truth about every property. They were very reasonable when it came to price as well. I’m very impressed with them and will definitely use them again. If you’re looking for an inspection service that’s thorough, honest, trustworthy, reasonable, reliable, and flexible look no further.
— Kerry Carlisle
Harry, Sydne and Logan were a great team to work with! They provided excellent service for a great price. I highly recommend their company for having your residential property inspected.

Past inspections had only a single person working our perspective house. Having these three go over every aspect meticulously was a huge plus! Also, having them all working on the inspection allowed me to walk around with Harry on key parts of the inspection and ask questions.

Speaking of asking questions, Harry made sure to give me plenty of information. I was able to ask questions or point out items and he would make sure to not just answer them but make sure I got a good understanding on why things were one way than not the other. I don’t mean to say that he was always in the process of educating me, but that his answers were detailed and didn’t leave me feeling baffled.

Sydne and Logan did a great job too! Since I was doing a good job at keeping Harry busy with questions these two did a lot of what I would call “grunt work”, things like getting pictures and making notes. I’m not sure how long a typical inspection takes, but we were there for over a couple hours. To me it felt that they were there to make sure every question was answered and no stone was left un-turned. I’m not sure how long it would have taken a single inspector, let alone one who was being peppered with questions for the client.

I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Gator Home Inspections to anyone. Their price was very good and the service was excellent!
— Michael G.